What I Do

Life is ART

See, human beings tend not to take their surroundings seriously or in an analytical view. When growing up I was fascinated by the wilderness close to where I lived. It was a source of life to my family…but one thing that is still wedged deep in my mind is the dung beetle. How can such a miniature creature, hand-less; build such a perfect round ball. I became observant and i discovered the hidden creative secretes of lots of creatures in the wilderness. Like the weaver-bird, one of the most creative and cleaver birds i know; the nest is so beautiful and well positioned and in a safe and unreachable place. These petite creative creature sparked the love of art, the Savanna was my first creative class room.

But what AM I?

I have no doubt about it, I am a FORM giver, I am a creative, a clean white canvas does not frighten me, I am a fan of it. Like a toddler, I crawled, took my first steps, learned my first tag and mastered the art of div tags. I have been a junior, an amateur, but the drive for success and hardwork made me climb the ladder 14 steps higher.  I have 14 years solid in the digital graphics design industry, which makes me comfortable and arrogant to say that I am a FORM GIVER.

I am a FORM giver!


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